[ #52Games ] Theme 3: Nature

This week, I’ll have a pretty short post about the 3rd theme of #52Games from ZockWorkOrange.

When I heard about the topic, I clearly had ONE GAME in Mind. Fate of the World

In Fate of the World, you’re getting to control the World in the year 2020. You’re there to control the political and economical Fate of the World – trying to prevent climate change, while trying to have your people well educated and wealthy. It’s turn based and after each turn, you get to see the consequences of your doing on the screen. It’s all in your hand – from Nuclear War to World Peace – everything can happen. A really interesting game with a serious background by Red Redemption from the UK. It’s up there on Steam and if you can, you should really try this out.

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3 thoughts on “[ #52Games ] Theme 3: Nature

  1. Kristin says:

    I actually heard about this game a while ago. Sounds pretty neat.

  2. Philipp says:

    Bought this a while ago, but still didn’t get around to really playing it. Which is a shame, the idea sounds great. But the entry barrier is pretty high, I think.

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