[Review] Thor: The Dark World

Hey guys,

last night I watched Marvels new THOR movie. It’s definitely a good movie as a sequel to the first movie and placed after the events of the Avengers movie. While I try to keep spoilers to a low, there are some fun little things I have to say about the movie.

Let’s take a look at the Trailer! 🙂

First of all, as we’re already used to from Marvel Trailers, the Trailer basically shows parts of every single fight/battle in the movie. So beside what you see in the Trailer, don’t expect a lot more epic Fights, they’re just a tad bit longer in the movie itself. I watched it in 3D and I think the movie would’ve worked just as good in 2D – but I’m not a huge fan of 3D movies in any way regardless. Story wise the movie does not surprise a lot if you watched the trailer.

Possible minor SPOILERS ahead!

Thor’s Earth girlfriend Jane (Natalie Portman) is fulfilling the damsel in distress role throughout the movie and looks kinda clueless and helpless all movie long as a huge darkness that was stopped by Odins Father Bor 5000 years ago awakens and threatens to destroy the universe.

Now, I don’t think that’s too big of a spoiler, if anyone has seen the Trailer. 😀 What I found quite disturbing is the fact that throughout the whole movie, Jane is really looking use- and helpless and without Thor she probably wouldn’t be able to chew her breakfast cereals. This girl is supposed to be one of the leading scientists on Earth and whatever the writer thought, in my opinion she’s waaay too helpless on her own. I expected at least some contribution to the cause beside looking good. 😀

Now to the 2nd point that felt kinda wrong (at least to me, someone who didn’t read any THOR comic or any other Marvel comic) – for me Thor and the Asgardians were a culture that’s kinda magical in their doing, with Armor and Swords and Hammers and Shield and all this stuff. As you can see in the Trailer, the ‘darkness’ that attacks has a huge space ship that’s landing on Earth and causing massive destruction. Beside the big mother ship, they also possess smaller ships and fire lasers all over the place and use huge explosive devices. Overall the high-technology StarWars like theme of the enemy troops felt off – at least to me. If you’re going to watch the movie, just keep two words in your mind, when looking at the soldiers of ‘darkness’: Droid + Stormtrooper. Thank me later.

On the fun side, the movie has its usual laughs and comic relief parts known to Marvel movies. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is once again one of the focal points in this regard. He’s just plain badass and my favorite character for the Thor universe. You kinda try to hate him for his evil deeds, but you can’t because he’s just too awesome.

Chris Hemsworth is doing a great job playing the overzealous Prince who wants to save the universe and everyone else, not necessarily all by himself, but he’s still the hammer first, talk later guy with a hot temper. The conflict between Thor and his Father Odin when it comes to the solution of the problem (the universe being threatened etc.) isn’t really that clearly laid out before the audience and felt a bit awkward and rushed.

Overall the movie had great plot twists and I advise everyone to stay in the movies until the very last credits screen has finished – you won’t regret it!

My rating: 8/10


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