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dies wird eine Liebeserklärung an das Leben, meine Freunde und eine grundsätzliche Erklärung für meine Art, den Wahnsinn dieser Welt zu ertragen und täglich über meinen Schatten zu springen.

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B elieve in whatever you want, as long as you don’t hurt anybody by it. Believe in god(s), in destiny, in yourself, in randomness of the universe. Everybody should have some fundamental anchor he believes in. It’s your choice, just don’t force your beliefs on others.

ct the way you feel. Everybody lies, everybody wears a mask and everybody has something to hide. It is important to know when to let your guard down and when to protect your true self from outsiders. Play your role if you need it, but don’t forget who you really are. Reflect upon yourself constantly. Be open minded towards others but keep the secrets close to your heart.

C unts are everywhere. Everyone is one at some point in life towards someone. ‘Don’t be an ass’ sounds like a good rule at first sight, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do – for yourself and your own good. Be wary of false friends and if it need be, destroy what’s in your way. Go your way, and your way alone – distractions are plentiful and dangerous. Your way may change, but don’t lose focus.

O ne opportunity does never return in the same way. Time is linear and every decision counts, every step is meaningful, ever mistake is important and brought us here. We’re a sum of all our experiences. There are no wrong decisions, just consequences we have to live with. We can’t turn back time and we should not dwell on our past too much. Still – do not make hasty decisions and think before you do – a mistake is easier to accept and use for the future if you’ve weighed the possible consequences before.

N o should be your most important word. From childhood we learn the importance of Yes, but we rarely learn the proper use of No. It’s okay to say No – it’s okay to reject someone and stay true to your wishes. Don’t be a cunt about it, stay humble and polite, but it is very valuable to know when to say No. Don’t harm yourself or others over anyone and don’t try to appease every wish. Stay loyal to yourself and do not accept people in your life that won’t take No for an answer.