Hi there,

this is me, a 29.2 versions old guy from germany, writing things. I like games, music, roleplaying, game design and programming – not necessarily in that order. I have many things on my mind and a lot to say – I think a blog is a good way to do this. I’m already on twitter and I certainly use Facebook and Google+ – still this blog is probably the best solution to share my views of the world. Hope you have fun reading.

best wishes,


Ursu or 1QUrsu is a Nickname I use on the Internet and in Real-Life for a few years now. The name has its origin in Romania, where my young cousin Maria told me I’d look like a bear – ‘Ursu ‘in romanian. When she announced me to a few of her friends (all the age between 6 and 8) they started calling me Unchiu Ursu – shortened 1Q Ursu – which means Uncle Bear. At the moment, almost all of my family and my friends call me Ursu – it has become part of me as my real name, Alex has. I’m proud to wear this name and use it more often than Alex these days.


Alexander Ursu Jakobi
Am Haselberg 15
82377 Penzberg
Ursu [at] 1QUrsu.eu



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