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Blog Baton: [ Thank you @4zido ]

Well, my dear friend Mr. Azido threw me a blog baton with 5 answer’s I’ll need to answer. I translate them loosely from german to english for my international readers.


1. Sie stellen in einem ziemlich heruntergekommenen Restaurant fest, dass der unter allgemeinem Gelächter bestellte “Inderteller” kein Schreibfehler war. Ihre Freunde essen munter drauf los. Wie reagieren Sie? – In a pretty shabby Restaurant you realize, that the ordered ‘Inderteller’ (Indian Dish?!) was not a Typo. Your friends start to eat – but what do you do?

Well since I ordered it, I’m at least trying to eat it. If it’s not fitting my taste, I’m gonna order something new.

2. Wirsing, Blumenkohl oder gedünstete Jogginghosen in Senfsoße? – Savoy, Cabbage or steamed Joggingtrousers in mustard sauce?

A really good question – probably I’ll take the cabbage.

3. Mal angenommen, Sie könnten zu einem beliebigen Zeitpunkt für genau 10 Minuten ein Wurstbrot sein. Wem würden Sie sich zum Fraß vorwerfen wollen? – If you could be a sausage sandwich for 10 minutes – who would you like to eat you?

Sometimes while reading this questions, I doubt that those can come from a sane person, but as I know Azido, he’s pretty much sane… just with a very weird sense of humour. Anyway: If I’d be a sausage sandwich for 10 Minutes, I’d like to be put in front of a vegan. I don’t like being eaten. 😀

4. Haben Sie schon einmal darüber nachgedacht, sich die Leber zu nehmen? – Did you ever think of taking your liver?

Actually – nope. I rarely think about my liver – it still works. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. But we can discuss this further with a good whiskey I guess.

5. Warum zum Geier beantworten Sie diese saudämlichen Fragen?  – Why do you even bother answering those crazy questions?

I have absolutely no clue – maybe because I’m bored and out of respect for Mr. Azido and his crazy creativity. And MAYBE because I wanna send out some crazy questions, too. Revenge is a dish best served cold, after all – and if there’s one thing I have at the moment, then it’s a cold. *sniff*


NOW – since i need to put 5 new questions for 5 other fellow bloggers I know, let me think a bit…

1. What was the last book you read? Did you read the last page before you finished it – and if you did, why do you do this? Do you like Spoilers?

2. There is a blue and a red pillow available to you – you can’t feel nor touch them. Which one do you choose? Why?

3. A good friend of yours asks you to choose the music for his/her wedding party. You style of music do you get them?

4. You can see a young guy harrassing some kids in the subway. At first you think they’re just fooling around, but then a kid gets hurt. Do you step in personally to prevent further harm? If not, why?

5. It’s a cold, dark monday morning and you don’t feel alright, but normally well enough to go to work. Do you skip work or do you push yourself over to work?


And the 5 persons I choose for this Blog Baton to answer are:

1. my good friend Ken

2. chrissy from Uniquepotion

3. Michilinmännchen

4. Raremuh

5. Redmaker

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