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[ #52Games ] Theme 5: Exam [ #Pokémon ]

Everyone knows them, most of us probably played it at some point. When I read the theme for week 5 of #52Games from ZockWorkOrange I instantly knew what to write about this week. Pokémon is probably the best example for a game created for young players. All those eight Arenas you can find in the different Games has a certain theme around it – moreso if you know the TV Series. Players get to learn about friendship and how to treat people, how to be nice and see the ‘bad examples’ in their counterpart being mostly a nasty guy who’s selfish and arrogant – yet loses in the end. Every single arena is like a exam for a topic of education. Pokémon is played by a really large audience and also many adults play it, but I can’t help it and always see how GAME FREAK also tried to get a few educational aspects into their games. I totally enjoy playing Pokémon and got myself the Black Edition for the 3DS – though it doesn’t really feel as it did more than 10years ago, when I first got my hands on Pokémon Red and played it on a old Gameboy (the ones without a color screen) after school with my friends for four or five hours straight. We were so interested in everything this game had to offer, I even forgot to tell my parents I’m coming home late and they were terribly terrified when I got home at 6p.m. – at least it was ‘only’ Pokémon.

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Ursu Game Review – Mario Kart 7

Last week I had the possibility to try the (almost) new Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS.

  1. Gameplay

    The gameplay is nothing new really. The fast paced action from earlier Mario Kart games is still there and you still can’t really tell the outcome of a race until the last few seconds (damn you, turtle shells). In addition to the old mechanics of offensive and defensive weapons, Nintendo added the ability to modify your kart and tune it. You can unlock different bodyparts, wheels and ‘wings’, all which change Speed, Acceleration, Weigth, Handling and Off-Road ability of your kart. I had enormous fun, driving in a locomotive with red monster truck wheels. This new feature is really nice and increases the fun, while playing the game alone and unlocking new parts all the time.
    One major feature of the new Mario Kart is the addition of under-water driving and flying – most courses give you the oportunity to choose the way you like and in many cases you can try to find shortcuts through the air (that’s where the ‘wings’ come into play) or through water, where you can now drive through.
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