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Hello world!

I don’t feel like changing the title to this initial post – after all, I’m a programmer and “Hello world!” fits just perfect.

I decided to start this blog to share my view on different things that are of interest to me.

First of all, and most importantly, that would be my view of games and their design. I studied game design and programming in Munich and got my Bachelor of Science in Games Programming degree there from the University of Middlesex, London.

I love games and am enthusiastic about every game I can get my hands on and play. I don’t feel like there is a certain genre I love most of that there is a genre I wouldn’t play at all. From casual indie games, to multi-million dollar blockbuster mega-hyped games – I play everything. And not only do I play those games, over the years I started to analyse what I like about those games and what I don’t – what makes it special to play and what makes it ‘generic’. I love this part of gaming and when I find the time to do so – I play as much as possible. At the moment I’m allowed to choose from around 400+ games on my Steam Account (Link) and soon I will start posting here about my experience playing different games.

My current favorite games are: League of Legends (mostly with good friends) & World of Warcraft (with my girlfriend)

But games are not everything there is, and that’s why I’ll also post here on Books, Movies, Music, Hockey, Pen&Paper Roleplay, etc. etc.

I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and if you want, you can leave a comment.