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A huge disappointment…

Hey guys,

I love games – I love them to the point that I spent most of my life with or on games. A few days ago, I worked on the first topic of the #52Games project and wrote about Jagged Alliance 2. Now, Jagged Alliance : Back in Business was finally released, the sequel I waited for over 10 years now. And to be honest with you: Don’t buy this game, don’t play this game. It’s a shame what those guys made with the licence of Jagged Alliance. This game does not deserve to wear this name and I’m enormously disappointed to the point, where I won’t play this game. The essential parts, which made Jagged Alliance 2 one of the greatest games of all times have been changed and twisted and the game feels anything but right. Play the old game, add mods to it (like 1.13) and play it, if you want a good, solid, extremely well made strategy game with a depth and character strenght – it’s mindblowing. JA:BiB is nothing like this and I, as a fan and enthusiast for games – I can’t stand it and I’m uninstalling it right now. I understand having a game that’s bad – that’s not a big deal. This game is not bad per se, but this game is NOT Jagged Alliance – it’s a freak of development, where someone had an idea how to make Jagged Alliance better. You can’t – a**hole! You should’ve just made Jagged Alliance, not some freakish abomination of a Game. You may have bought the Licence, but you didn’t buy the idea and you certainly didn’t understand it.


Sorry for this rant, but after all those years… this hurts.

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